All you need to know about Elasticsearch 5.0: Scripting

Elasticsearch has known ups and downs with it's support of scripting languages. Two versions ago (that is, in the 1.x series) it added and removed support of various scripting languages in almost every minor release. I have also recommended avoiding the use of them myself for some specified reasons.

Due to security implications Elasticsearch 2.x disabled all dynamic scripting and only allowed a special scripting language called Lucene Expression. And yup - I've seen quite a few Elasticsearch clusters on AWS that were hacked using malicious mvel and groovy scripts. The reason Lucene Expression was allowed is simply because it's not being run via a scripting Virtual Machine, but it's rather being compiled to byte code and executed efficiently.

Lucene Expression is quite a simple scripting language though, and it has quite a few limitations. For once, it can only operate on numeric fields. It can't do date math operations. It can't have loops or methods (which may be...

Logging makes perfect - real-world monitoring and visualizations with Riemann, Elasticsearch and friends (video)

A talk I gave recently about our real-time system monitoring facilities at Forter is now available to watch online. The talk description and video are both below.

How to keep a real-time, low-latency and high-stakes system up and running and well-monitored? how to inves...

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