NAppUpdate first release: 0.1

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NAppUpdate (pronounced: nap-date),  a small and flexible open-source library providing consumer applications with auto-update functionality, is now being officially released, and is ready for production. About a month ago I released a first version of my local copy of the library, and posted this first post with some info and code samples showing how to use it from any .NET application. The response I received was tremendous, compared to the short time frame. I wish there was a way to know how wide its usage is now! I would like to thank Andrew Rowson and Jamie Lennox for jumping in to make several code tweaks based on their experience with the library - mainly to resolve issues with non-privileged users. NAppUpdate is now confirmed to work very well on Windows 7, Vista and XP. Thanks guys! The post mentioned above is a bit outdated now. Also, there are quite a few features I'd like to see added to the library, such as status reporting and a more flexible handling of tasks and rollbacks. Andrew, Jamie and I have already discussed several ways of tackling those features, hopefully you'll see them in soon. Right after the API stabilizes, I will work on creating some documentation in the library's git-wiki space on github, so anyone can jump-start easily with using it. So far it has been a great experience. Hopefully the marking of version 0.1 will encourage more users and collaboration. See you again soon with 0.2! NAppUpdate, available freely from: (ASL 2.0) Binaries and a sample app with source: (Edit) A user/developer discussion group is now available at:


  • Mareas

    I found your site through and I woul like to thank you very much for this library! You fill the gap in open source for .Net. I really missed this funcionality in so such easy and good way as you provide.

    Thank you for example to download and please keep working on this project. Very useful! I'm waiting for next stable release and documentation.


  • Mareas

    One feature to add to library. Proxy support while .CheckForUpdates()

  • oberon4

    I didn't get time to check the library yet but I'll try to integrate it tomorrow. I'll leave a feedback. Thanks!

  • David

    I downloaded this and updated it to .net 4 in the WPF sample and I had to change the sample a bit to make it work. I had to change the UpdateWindow code in MainWindow.xaml.cs to check the Dispatcher for access, and then if it didn't have access then I would use the dispatcher.invoke.

  • DM

    Very nice concept - is this still ongoing? While I certainly understanding not blogging due to time-constraints, I just wanted to know if you still considered this an active project?

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