So, what have I been up to lately?

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To all of those who asked: NAppUpdate and HebMorph aren't dead. The last few months have been quite hectic for me in several aspects, and this is mainly why I wasn't able to make any real progress with them, not to mention blogging. I still have big plans for both, and several other unrelated plans too. Things are becoming more relaxed now, so hopefully I could find time to work on all the ideas I have running in my head... I recently joined Ayende's Hibernating Rhinos, and am currently working on RavenDB. So, it is inevitable some NoSQL/RavenDB ideas and posts will pop. NAppUpdate is working very well for simple uses, which is exactly what I was intending to have when I first started working on it. However, judging by the stats I see there is quite a bit of interest in the tool, and in the features it is yet to offer. So I'm definitely planning on enhancing and improving it as time allows - feel free to jump in if you want to help. Work items I got planned include stabilizing the API and NauXML format, task groups, logging and reporting, UI and better handling of dependencies in tasks execution. As for HebMorph, well, that is a project I'm deeply in love with, and as such it will be the first to get my attention. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback, but there's still so much work still left to do - even though what we have now is completely functional. I'll be giving a short talk on HebMorph and Hebrew search in Penguin Israel 2011 (location and date TBD), and until then I'm really hoping to get a few surprises ready. Stay tuned, I'll be blogging about them as I go.

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