Started work on a "RavenDB in Action" book

I recently signed a contract with Manning for writing a "RavenDB in Action" book. Writing this book comes naturally after delivering many RavenDB workshops, talks, training sessions and consultancy gigs. The structure of the book and the actual content in it are based on actual experience of explaining RavenDB to people of different levels. Also many examples I'll use are going to be taken from real-world scenarios. This book is aimed at .NET developers with actual programming experience, and I'm working hard to make sure no RDBMS background will be required nor it would not confuse SQL savants. The book is designed to help RavenDB newbies to go from zero to hero. Experienced Ravenees would definitely benefit from reading it as well, as it is going to cover many advanced topics in great detail. We are already in the middle of writing the first 4 chapters, and hopefully they'll be available on MEAP in two or three months. I'll make sure to announce once it is released...


  • David

    Looking forward to it! I'm sure you've planned for it but when I was getting my feet wet with RavenDB I struggled with approaches to design and use indexes effectively.

  • Yuval

    Good luck! I am sure you will do a great job.

  • Karl

    Looking extremely forward for this book! RavenDB is great and I really like it, but documentation is not comprehensive and information about it is lacking and sporadic. Luckily, the forums are a great resource, but still a book would be priceless to get up to grabs with this technology.

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