Upcoming speaking engagements - 2013

RavenDB, Lucene, ElasticSearch


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By the end of the year I'll be giving several talks around search and also on the work we do at Buzzilla. Following is a quick list for those interested.

Catch me in either of these events to talk about anything technology related (search technologies and NoSQL especially). I'll be giving away free copies of RavenDB in Action during these events as well!

  • DevDay 2013: September 20th in Krakow, Poland - "Full-text search with Lucene and neat things you can do with it", covering Lucene, ElasticSearch and various nice use-cases for full-text search taking advantage of the way full-text search engines work.

  • Software Architect 2013: October 9-10th in London - where I'll be giving 2 talks. First talk is on the work we did in Buzzilla, moving a large system consisting of a search engine and other applications to the cloud. The second talk will showcase prominent web frameworks in the Java and .NET stacks, comparing various features they offer along with various implementation decisions made around them. Both talks are aimed at sharing things we have learned in Buzzilla during a refactoring process.

  • Oredev: November 6th in Malmo, Sweden - where I'll be introducing ElasticSearch - a search engine built for distributed environments, and the nice features it offers around full-text search. I also should be giving a lightning talk on RavenDB.

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