Videos of my Oredev talks online

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Last week I spoke at Oredev, an awesome conference in cold Sweden. It was fun meeting all those great people, and the atmosphere was really great.

My first talk was an introductory level one on Elasticsearch - what it is, how it can be used and what it can do. I really like this shiny piece of technology, and it probably shows.

I'm usually doing a lot of live coding on stage, but this time I decided to take it easy with that and used only slides in both talks. I'm still not sure how I feel about live coding; it is fun and challenging for sure and for some people it gives a lot of added value, but I think people can lose focus rather quickly and then find themselves bored. This is why I tried giving actual hands-on guidance without doing any actual demo, using video within slides and no code at all. Hopefully I succeeded with that.

The second talk was a lightning talk on RavenDB, about 15 minutes long in total including a short Q&A. I was co-presenting with Peter Neubauer and Joel Jacobson of Neo4j and Riak respectively, and together we tried giving a short intro to NoSQL by talking about 3 completely different database products.

10 minutes can hardly do justice to any piece of technology and the 3 of us felt we barely scratched the surface of what you can do with the 3 technologies, but hopefully this overview talk helps in wrapping your head around what NoSQL is and on possible use cases for RavenDB, Neo4j and Riak.

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