Upcoming speaking engagements - 2014

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2014 hasn't even started yet, and I already have a full schedule for the next couple of months. Here is a list of talks and courses I'm doing publicly, on RavenDB and search technologies (Lucene and Elasticsearch). I will update this list as new events come in.

  1. December 30th, Tel-Aviv: the Inaugural Elasticsearch Tel Aviv Meetup, 7:30PM in Azrieli Towers where I'll present the experience we had with Elasticsearch in a recent project. How we used various features, gotchas and so on.
  2. January 16th, Jerusalem: presenting Lucene and Elasticsearch in SIGTRS - an Israeli user-group whose its focus is information retrieval.
  3. February 19th, Ra'anana, Israel: A 3-hour Elasticsearch crash course for Israel Dot NET Developers User Group, in Microsoft Ra'anana. Details and registration here.
  4. March 5/6th, London: A talk in SkillsMatter London, first week of March, on multi-lingual search with Lucene and Elasticsearch. It hasn't been published yet.
  5. May 21-22, Stockholm, Sweden - I will give a 2-hour RavenDB session in DevSum, building a StackOverflow clone live on stage.

Additionally, I will deliver my real-world search course in London and New-York several times this year. The next dates are for London 23-24/4, and in New-York 5-6/5.

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