I've been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

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Several times a year Microsoft recognizes experts in their field by awarding them with the MVP award - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. I'm happy to be among those who received the award on July 1st, under the ASP.NET / IIS category.

It's a great honor to be recognized for your work, but I'm also going to treat this as an opportunity.

MVPs are being brought closer to the table by Microsoft. They hear secret plans and their opinions count. At least that's what Microsoft tells me in their recent emails. Well, I'm really hoping that's true because I do have some stuff I want to say.

I look forward to continue doing the same things I've been enjoying doing lately - blogging, public speaking, OSS coding and taking on contracts on diverse projects and technologies. I really do hope this MVP award help me in influencing, even a bit, the direction in which we are going with MS Tech.


  • Oren Eini


  • Phyl

    Congratulations. That's one more recognition. Hope I walk such paths. Keep on and best of opportunities.

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