Slides for my talk "Elasticsearch: Distributed search and analytics on BigData made easy"

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Slides for my recent talk at CodeMash titled "ElasticSearch – Distributed search and analytics on BigData made easy" are below.

Elasticsearch is a cloud-ready, super scalable search engine which is gaining a lot of popularity lately. It is mostly known for being extremely easy to setup and integrate with any technology stack.In this talk we will introduce Elasticdearch, and start by looking at some of its basic capabilities. We will demonstrate how it can be used for document search and even log analytics for DevOps and distributed debugging, and peek into more advanced usages like the real-time aggregations and percolation. Obviously, we will make sure to demonstrate how Elasticsearch can be scaled out easily to work on a distributed architecture and handle pretty much any load.

In my talk I was showing a demo using Kibana and Logstash, listening on Twitter streams. You can do the same by downloading logstash and Kibana 4, and then using the Twitter input and elasticsearch_http output. It is quite easy to do - and I leave it as an exercise to the reader!

Also, in case you are using Windows based platforms, check out KibanaDotNet from here - it may be easier for you to get started with it:

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