A guided tour of the BigData technologies zoo (Video)

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The talk I given recently at JavaZone about the Hadoop eco-system, titled "A guided tour of the BigData technologies zoo", is now available on video.

I posted it here along with the original talk abstract. Enjoy!

A high level overview of the BigData technologies, and their current state. What is Hadoop, what problems it tries to solve, how to approach BigData technologies if you've never done that before, and what else is there other in the Hadoop ecosystem. Elephants (named "Hadoop" after a toy), bees and hives, pigs, ELKs, rabbits and one ZooKeeper. You can find them in a zoo, or you are just a software developer trying to make sense out of data using technologies with weird names. This session will be a guided tour of the BigData kingdom. We will explore various challenges one has to face when handling large volumes of data, and learn about various tools with funny names which were built to help in the process. Equipped with real-world examples and use-cases, by the end of this session BigData should stop being a buzzword to you.

The video on Vimeo

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